Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pink is a Powerful color

Daylight savings came a little late this year and I was feeling it! The week before the clocks turned back I was seriously dragging every morning. It felt like I was trying to get up in the middle of the night to start my day. So this past Monday morning was fabulous! The sun rose and helped wake me up just at the right time to give me exactly the amount of time I needed to get ready for my day. So I'm riding that wave and enjoying my morning which is like a snow man dancing in a heat wave, let's be honest it's rare and probably won't last long. So I'm cruising to work, thinking wow, I might actually get to work early... another total occurance for Guinness and I notice a highway patrol car speeding up behind me so I get into the middle lane thinking, he must need to get past me, and of course my perfect Monday morning is dashed. What in the world, I'm getting pulled over! I pull over to the right shoulder on the freeway and he comes to the passenger side window to give me the spiel. "I clocked you going 78 in a 65, where are you headed?" "work," I reply, "Are you running late?" "yes, sir" at this point he is taking my license and going back to his car. We've all been in the scenario and what goes through our minds? What can I do or say to get out of this situation? I've heard the two best techniques are crying and flirting, neither of which I can do under pressure. Let's be honest, I'm no actress. So this time I decide to use the stay as still as possible and don't make any sudden moves or make any unneccessary comments. A few agonizing minutes pass and he returns with my license. He leans into my window and with a "slow down" he lets me go! Of course this becomes the topic of my morning, the story I proudly share with friends and co-workers. Upon review of the situation I decided to attribute this narrow escape to a couple of factors. With a few extra minutes in the morning to actually "do" my hair and a well placed pink sweater I have found a powerful combination that can distract and confuse those in authority. At least from my right side.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Freeways!

Tonight I went to my institute class at the University of Utah Institute and on the drive home I found with great delight that they have finally finished the construction they have been doing for so long and there is a carpool lane between the North Salt Lake area to Kaysville. It was so nice to drive with freedom on the "free" way. It reminded me of the joy of driving to work over the last few weeks since they finally finished the area in Ogden that has been under construction for a good year and a half or more. They began it and their goal was to finish in the fall of 2008, and I remember thinking oh my gosh that is gonna take forever! I've been dreading having the summer end and really didn't want fall to get here, that is until I realized that this fall is the fall of 2008. So not only have they finished the construction and opened up the third lane all the way to the exit I take for work, but the last five miles of my commute, the speed limit is 75 again!!! It is pure driving bliss!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Less than a week

Less than a week til our 25 mile ride. Last week Betsy and I rode from her house in Layton to Charlie's house in Farmington and back. We charted the course on Yahoo maps and it was 23 miles round trip. Today is our last long ride before the race in Brigham City next week. We're planning to do the full 25 miles, so we'll see. It shouldn't be too much harder than last week but you never know....More to come later :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

Working Late

Well, it's unfortunate but yes I am working at this hour of the night. I came across some unexpected problems this happy last day of the month and so my normal few hours of extra work has turned into an allnighter.

I spent some time reviewing others blogs and decided to jump on the bandwagon. "come on, everybody's doing it...." Well it worked on me. I mean the thing that was keeping me from doing it was that I didn't think I'd have anything to write about. But let's be honest, like finding things to talk about is a hard thing for me. Ok maybe my real fear was finding INTERESTING things to talk about. But after reading so many of your blogs, I decided that really shouldn't be a concern. ;) Just kidding, there's plenty of interesting stuff. So tonight, if for no other reason than that I'm bored out of my mind waiting on this stinking slow computer to finish doing its work, my blog is born!

I'll make no promises about keeping you updated on the most current dramas of my dating life, or lack there of. Unless I decide it's time to vent and the world needs to know about yet another sad single tale of boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy dumps girl, of course the roles are interchangeable but the story's been told and I just decided that it's not interesting enough for my newborn least not tonight anyway.

As long as the computer slowly putts away at these stupid tasks and refuses to let me go home, I'll continue this FASCINATING play by play of the random thoughts that come into my head. If any of you out there are thinking man, end this string of tedious thoughts and go home for goodness sake, believe me, I'm with you!!! I'd really like to go home, especially since I'm getting a cold and my stupid nose won't stop running. And when I say running, I mean at the most inopportune moments it will literally drip right out of my nose, kind of running! This is followed by spells of sneezing, which is followed by........oh wait the computer decided to finish something, hold on, I'll be right back....

I'm so close to being finished!!! WOOHOO, I know you're grateful for this too, since it means that I won't be boring you with additional tidbits of "i could care less" and "get this over with" useless pieces of information about my current state of inability to go home.

If I could find something more enjoyable to do BELIEVE ME, I would. I just can't seem to find any games on this darn computer. Plus I've already eaten just about everything in the vending machine. I would do more work, of which I have more than plenty to keep me occupied but it's beyond that time of night where anything I could do would be productive and I'd end up having to redo it all tomorrow anyway, which would then make me in a very bad mood, so here I am writing more useless information for any poor soul who might still be reading.

Home is just a few more key strokes away and bless any of your hearts if you are still reading this. What I mean by that is quit wasting valuable time reading this when you could be writing useless things for me to read, at times like these!! :)

Oh Great!!! Now it's runny nose and sneezing at the same time!!! For crying out loud! Somebody stop the madness.

I wonder what my boss would think if I just slept here. I mean honestly, there's a couch in his office.

Well either the novelty of this thing is wearing off, or I'm realizing that this kind of blog is only going to drive people away from ever wanting to visit and read when I am using it for purely time passing purposes.

Hallelujah, it's finally over!! I get to go home now.

That's all folks!!!