Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pink is a Powerful color

Daylight savings came a little late this year and I was feeling it! The week before the clocks turned back I was seriously dragging every morning. It felt like I was trying to get up in the middle of the night to start my day. So this past Monday morning was fabulous! The sun rose and helped wake me up just at the right time to give me exactly the amount of time I needed to get ready for my day. So I'm riding that wave and enjoying my morning which is like a snow man dancing in a heat wave, let's be honest it's rare and probably won't last long. So I'm cruising to work, thinking wow, I might actually get to work early... another total occurance for Guinness and I notice a highway patrol car speeding up behind me so I get into the middle lane thinking, he must need to get past me, and of course my perfect Monday morning is dashed. What in the world, I'm getting pulled over! I pull over to the right shoulder on the freeway and he comes to the passenger side window to give me the spiel. "I clocked you going 78 in a 65, where are you headed?" "work," I reply, "Are you running late?" "yes, sir" at this point he is taking my license and going back to his car. We've all been in the scenario and what goes through our minds? What can I do or say to get out of this situation? I've heard the two best techniques are crying and flirting, neither of which I can do under pressure. Let's be honest, I'm no actress. So this time I decide to use the stay as still as possible and don't make any sudden moves or make any unneccessary comments. A few agonizing minutes pass and he returns with my license. He leans into my window and with a "slow down" he lets me go! Of course this becomes the topic of my morning, the story I proudly share with friends and co-workers. Upon review of the situation I decided to attribute this narrow escape to a couple of factors. With a few extra minutes in the morning to actually "do" my hair and a well placed pink sweater I have found a powerful combination that can distract and confuse those in authority. At least from my right side.